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Mother storms club to drag out her 16-year-old child home (Video)

An African American woman is being hailed for demonstrating true parenting acumen for going to a night club after learning that her 16-year-old son was there.

In a video which has gone viral, she could be seen grabbing the microphone from the hype man after arriving in the club called her child out.

She informed the party goers that her boy identified as Devin was only 16 years old and not permitted to be in a night club.

While the woman was talking, the DJ/hypeman tried to get the microphone from her, but she gave him a terrible look which made him to back off.

The visibly furious mother then instructed her teenage son to leave the party and join her in the car so they could go home together.

Watch video below:

@Queen_Miso; No she’s not wrong. We actually need more mothers to show up like this for little girls who want to play grown & put themselves in unsafe situations. Bc these are the exact places where these sick ass predators WE COMPLAIN ABOUT, are scouting for young girls to prey on.

@Peachesxcr58541; well i’m not gonna say she’s wrong or not but i would’ve handled that wayyy differently. in a way where no is embarrassed or traumatized

@SummaTimeFynee; No she’s not wrong. Kids will do things and the first comment is always .. where is the mom? Where are her parents? Here’s an active mom trying to save her child. She won’t be “traumatized” she’s not putting her hands on her or anything. This is incentive to not repeat this.

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