“Mohbad caught his wife with a calabash and a ring” – Close friend, Micee Disclose how singer’s wife used charm on him

Micee, a close friend of the late singer Mohbad, has accused the artist’s wife of using ‘jazz’ on her husband prior to his death.

Micee said this during an in-depth interview in which he detailed the ordeal between the hitmaker and his wife, Omawunmi.

He revealed how Wunmi’s realization that Micee genuinely cared for Mohbad’s well-being was a crucial reason in the breakdown of their friendship.

Micee stated that he saw a big change in Mohbad’s behavior and general health after his discharge from the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

Micee decided to take matters into his own hands and get his pal the medical attention he need, paying repeated hospital trips to help Mohbad recover. He also handed them a copy of the medical report that they had received at the time.

He went on to add that Mohbad once caught his wife red-handed with a fetish ring and a calabash.

Micee praised Mohbad as a faithful supporter and aide who was always by his side, even in difficult circumstances.

He told a horrific story about Micee valiantly intervening to save his friend Mohbad when he was about to commit himself.

Micee said he would be willing to divulge further information if Mohbad’s wife pressured him.

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