May Day: Electricity worker falls down ladder during match-past in Ibadan

There was a drama today at the Lekan Salami stadium on Monday in Ibadan, Oyo State when one of the members of the National Union of Electricity Employees performing the match pass in commemoration of Workers’ Day suddenly fell down from the ladder used to illustrate the symbol of the union.

Workers’ Day is a yearly event to celebrate the efforts of workers in Nigeria.

It was learnt that all the affiliated unions of the Nigeria Labour Congress were called one after the other for the yearly match pass by the compere, added that “When it’s the turn of NUEE, they brought a ladder, arrange it and one of them climb it up demonstrating how they normal disconnected electricity supply.

“As he was doing that, in the presence of the state governor, Seyi Makinde, and others eulogising him, the ladder suddenly broke into two and he fell down.

“As we speak, I don’t know his whereabouts. But they quickly rescued him and took him away,” the eyewitness stressed.

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