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Man heartbroken as he attends friend’s wedding only see the bride is his girlfriend of 3 years

A Nigerian man has narrated how his friend’s relationship ended with him unknowingly attending his girlfriend’s wedding.

According to Twitter user, @Abdullahiabba_, his buddie had attended the wedding of a close friend on Sunday, 16th of October 2022.

But when he got there, the guy found out that his girlfriend named Fatima is the person his pal was tying the knot with.

He had been dating Fatima for three years and reportedly intended to marry her, so he felt totally heartbroken seeing her as the bride at the nuptial occasion.

Taking to Twitter on October 17, @Abdullahiabba_, wrote; ”Ladies will always disappoint you. This guy have been dating Fatima for the past 3 years with the intention of making her his wife just for him to attend his best friend matrimony yesterday and witness Fatima was the Bride.

Never trust a lady.”

See the post:

Social media users shared divergent thoughts on the issue, but some noted that 3 years was too long a time for the guy to decided whether he was ready to settle down or not.

@jamilausuf; So she should wait until the fifth year to marry him?

@XEENNURAIN; This is the 107 times I heard of Fatima’s betrayal.

@Taste_made_oven; 3yrs intention and still counting? You want her to wait till the 9th year or what? Don’t blame Fatima pls, blame the guy first for keeping her this long building intentions . Can we talk about the best friend that showed a clearer intention😂

@SadiqMuhammadM5; A a Nana let tell our self d truth how can she got married without telling him? even if he is not ready just tell him gskya I want to get marry if u ready suppose come nd meet my parent if he doesn’t u can get married since u already told him and he refuse to meet her parent.

@Lefter_11; Once date a Fatima since when she’s in JSS2 har SS3 she ends up marrying someone she met less than a year , Normally fateemah’s are heart breaker 💔 ?

@keefhee; This is very disgusting and disappointing I’m sorry for ur friend, But I must to confess 😴 I see his fault than her………..

@Mamerhh; They both betrayed him,so don’t judge her alone

@DoubleDeeZ_umar; Never trust a lady outside family or even within?😄😃😄 And what was he doing fr 3years,wasting her time right? The serious one actually married her.

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