Man disappointed over award he received from Nigerian university after graduating with 4.99 CGPA

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to reveal what a Nigerian higher institution rewarded him with after emerging as the best graduating student.

Olawale completed his programme at the Air Force Institute of Technology in the 2021/2022 academic year with a 4.99/5.0 CGPA, but he was awarded two plaques for the feat.

Best student plaque

He decried how despite being the best graduating student of his set, he was not given a single naira to encourage his efforts.

Rather, the institution decided to celebrate him by creating a jersey with his name and CGPA printed boldly on the back.

He shared showed off the two award plaques and a white customised jersey while hinting how disappointing it was.

Best student jersey

Although he did not get what he desired from the Nigerian Institute, he however, got a full scholarship to further his studies at Boston University, USA.

Sharing photos, Olawale wrote; “Bro!!! this was all I got, after 4.99/5.0 not even 5 naira. People come spread rumour join say Chief of Air Staff give me money.

I just see say people dey see me for road they think say this boy get money ooo. But you no what BOSTON UNIVERSITY said hold my beer. Come baby boy on a full ride.”

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