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Lagos To Abuja In less that 2hrs : Chinese Bullet Train Reaches 281 Miles Per Hour During Test Run

Lagos to Abuja In 1hr : 40 Mins : China’s bullet train reaches 281 (452 kph) miles per hour during test run.

A new Chinese bullet train, CR450, on June 28th reached speeds of 281 miles (452 km) per hour during a test run, China’s state-run foreign-language news channel, CGTN, reported.

To put the speed into perspective, the bullet train will be able to cover the 758 kilometers (468 miles) driving distance from Lagos to Abuja in 1 hr 40 minutes, assuming the road were to be high-speed line.

The advanced bullet train CR450 was tested by China Railway on the Meizhou Bay cross-sea bridge, which is one of the major parts of the 277-km Fuzhou-Xiamen high-speed railway.

It’s relative speed, which is when two trains move in the opposite direction, reached a mind-blowing speed of 553 miles per hour (891 kph) during the test.

China Railway said that the next-generation CR450 bullet train project is one of the key national science programs outlined in China’s 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025).

High-speed train’s max operating speed is 217 mph while aircraft has a cruise at speeds between 559-621 mph.

To verify the reliability and feasibility of the new technologies adopted on CR450, the China Railway has conducted a total of 57 scientific experiments on the next-gen bullet train.

When it finally enters service, the CR450 will fill the gap between conventional high-speed rail services and aircraft. High-speed train’s maximum operating speed is 217 mph, while aircraft has a cruise at speeds between 559-621 mph.

Previously, a research team in China conducted a test at 387 miles per hour (623km/h) under non-vacuum conditions. The train is expected to be used for commuting between mega-city clusters in the future.

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