If Peter Obi Had Removed Subsidy, There Would Not Be A Hike In Fuel Price – Kenneth Okonkwo

Kenneth Okonkwo, an actor turned politician, has spoken out about President Bola Tinubu’s administration’s decision to eliminate fuel subsidies.

Emeraldloaded reports that after the removal of the subsidy price of fuel has gone as high as 600 naira per liter which has subsequently led to a hike in the price of transportation and foodstuffs.

This has resulted in a variety of reactions from Nigerians against Tinubu’s administration.

However, some political analysts argue that Tinubu should not be blamed for the increase in fuel prices caused by the removal of subsidies because it was the right decision to make.

Sharing his thoughts on the situation, Okonkwo argued that if his principal, Peter Obi, had done the right thing by removing the subsidy, the price of fuel would not have skyrocketed.

Okonkwo stated on Twitter that the leaders in power are incompetent and do not know how to manage the economy.

According to him;

If you do the right thing while removing oil subsidy, the price will come down- @PeterObi. The bunch of dishonest and incompetent leaders we have do not know how to manage the economy and they are punishing innocent Nigerians with oil price hike in the name of subsidy removal.

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