How fraudster sent me fake alerts twice—PoS operator

A Point of Sale (PoS) operator working along Obafemi Awolowo Way in Ikeja, Lagos, shared her distressing experience of falling victim to a fraudster who deceived her twice through sending fraudulent bank alerts.

The woman, who goes by the name Fiyinfoluwa, recounted in an interview on Monday that she was defrauded of N100,000 by the scammer on Saturday.

Expressing her disappointment, Fiyinfoluwa disclosed that although the culprit was apprehended during his second attempt, he managed to flee in a waiting vehicle.

Detailing the events, Fiyinfoluwa stated, “The fraudster came the first time to withdraw N50,000, claiming that his boss was waiting for him in a plaza. Then he came out of the plaza again saying his boss wanted N100,000 instead of N50,000.

“I checked my App if the transfer was legit but I discovered that both alerts were fake.

“He came here on Saturday to repeat the same thing. Immediately I saw him, I recognised him. I went further to question him and I was glad he did not deny the fact he duped me of N100,000.

“He said he gave the money to his boss at the plaza, which means he is working for someone.

“Individuals who came to beat him up when he was caught found more than N50,000 in his pocket. I pleaded with them to give me back my money but I was given only N15,000.”

An eyewitness, Bamigbade Suleiman, said, he was present at the scene when the suspect was caught but he was lucky to escape.

“The fraudster made fake alerts twice and I was privileged to beat him up although he was lucky to escape,” he said.

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