[ENTERTAINMENT]Lady reveals receiving monthly allowances from her late mother after 21 years


A lady took to Twitter to share the goodness of receiving monthly allowances from her late mother.

The Twitter user, @Lovingluhle celebrates her mother for being so thoughtful and a hard worker even after death.

She disclosed that despite her mum dying 21 years ago, she still receives a monthly allowance from properties accumulated and bought in her name by her mother before she passed away.

@Lovinhluhle further reveals that her mom was a single mother who raised her despite all odds. Her mother was fond of traveling and buying properties as a single woman in the 90s leading to her profiting from it.

She described her mother as her biggest inspiration.

She Tweeted;

“The fact that my mom passed 21 years ago and I still get a monthly allowance from her is testament to how badass she was

My mom didn’t play bru sis was traveling, buying property as a single woman in the 90s. She’s my biggest inspiration to this day.”


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