[Entertainment] Bow Wow Gets Into Beef With WWE After Announcing Wrestler Career


Bow Wow got some new beef to deal with and it’s not related to hip hop.

Bow Wow, aka Shadmoss, is known for his confidence, and that gives him a boost to do just about whatever he puts his mind to. His latest pursuit has seen him end up in a social media war as he thinks he has what it takes to be a wrestler, but some professionals in the sport feel he should leave the idea alone.

He’s been trending lately for many reasons, and this time it seems like he’s going at it with some WWE stars. His latest aspiration to become a WWE Champion has been shot down by some of the professionals in the business. He used his Twitter account to address the backlash.

“A lot of the wrestlers who are coming for me on twitter should be happy im going back and forth. Most have like 70k followers. Im actually helping you become a bigger name (million dollar man laugh) how you on RAW with 50k followers. Something not adding up,” he posted.

He followed that up with another message, this time on Instagram. “Its gone hurt when i win a title before they do daamn… how yall let like mike come in and ruffle your feathers #BOWWOWWWE.” He wasn’t done there as he added, “From hit records to movies to hosting to future wwe champion. #believe.”

At least one pro wrestler Damian Priest responded to Bow Wow’s challenge. After Bow Wow, Tweeted, “Hey @ArcherOfInfamy tell your little pet bad bunny I’ve been watching… and im not impressed. Eyes Rabbit face No entry sign … i got @TheRealMorrison back! Stop hiding from the REAL mr bunny.” Priest responded: “Ha! Not impressed huh? Every Monday we’re living what you’re chasing homie. But by all means, keep shooting blanks on Twitter.”

It doesn’t seem like any of the comments are meant to be taken seriously, though, and it may all be a bit of fun and some hype to get him in the game. When a fan asked him if the beef was real, he said, “Naw damian cool. Just poking at em a lil bit!” It’s really not that surprising that he wants to get into wrestling as he’s a long-time fan of WWE, as evidenced by his throwback photo with Omarion at the 2007 WWE event in NYC.

Take a look at some of the Tweets that Bow Wow made concerning his apparent impending career in the ring.


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