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Customers to pay more as DisCos effect new electricity tariff July

Customers will begin paying more on July 1st, as Electricity Distribution Companies (DisCos) have announced plans to implement a new tariff.

According to the Discos, this is due to fluctuating exchange rates.

The Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) said in a statement on Sunday that under the MYTO 2022 guidelines, the previously set exchange rate of N441/$1 may now be revised to around N750/$1, affecting electricity consumption tariffs.

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The new base tariff is expected to be N100 per kWh for customers in Bands B and C, with supply hours ranging from 12 to 16 per day, while Bands A (20 hours and above) and B (16 to 20 hours) will face comparatively higher tariffs.

Customers with prepaid meters are encouraged to consider purchasing bulk energy units before the end of the month in order to take advantage of current rates and potentially save money before the new tariffs go into effect.

For those on post-paid (estimated) billing, a significant increment is imminent in your monthly billing, starting from August, it added.

Also, Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company (IKEDC) in a release said electricity units are set to jump by 30-40% in just over a week.

You are best advised to buy as many units as you can before July 1, it said.

Similarly, Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKDC) said electricity tariffs are set to go higher by July 1st due to the floating exchange rate.

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