CROSS RIVER: Private part thieves allegedly snatch genital of naval officer

According to a report by Vanguard, a naval officer stationed in Calabar, Cross River state, has reportedly had his genital snatched by alleged private part thieves.

The officer, who was on duty at the entry point of the barracks, encountered a young man named Samuel, who was directed to the sentry point for security checks.

This incident is said to be part of a series of similar crimes that have been occurring in Calabar for the past three weeks.

Azeez, a naval personnel said, “When he got to the sentry point, he was asked whom he was looking for and his mission in the barracks but while he was talking with the sentry officer, the man felt an electric jolt around his genitals and behold, when he touched the area, his private had gone.”

After the naval officer raised an alarm, the young man was confronted and physically assaulted, with demands for the immediate return of the missing genital.

The alleged thief did not provide any information regarding the return of the organ and did not deny being responsible for its disappearance.

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