Comedian, AY replies Nigerians asking him to reject National honours

Ace Nigerian comedian, Ayodeji Richard Makun, better known as AY, has responded to Nigerians who asked him to reject the award conferred upon him by former President Buhari.

On Sunday, May 28, AY was enlisted to receive the receive the national honor, Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR). Excited by the news, he shared it with his fans and followers via his Twitter handle.

“I woke up to a message from my manager, informing me about being listed amongst notable Nigerians to receive a national honour. Just when I was taking it to be another award to join the ones on my shelf, I was told that National Honours are the highest honours or awards that a citizen can receive from his or her country for their contribution to national development,” he wrote.

However, some Nigerians who were aggrieved by the outcome of the 2023 general election asked him to reject the honour.

In response, AY stated that his allegiance is to a country where he has contributed his own quota, and he is more than happy to be rewarded by the same country.

He emphasized that a national honour is the highest recognition one can receive for their contributions to nation-building.

In his words,

“Those of you shaming or asking me to reject ‘A National Honour’ are clearly missing a vital point. Our country is bigger and more important than any president or political party awarding it. A national honor is the highest recognition anyone can get for their contributions to nation-building. So my allegiance is to a country where I have contributed my own quota, and I am more than happy to be rewarded by the same”.

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