Cleric Urges Nations to Boycott Israel Over Genocide in Gaza

Mallam AbdulRazq Abdulwahab-Al-Amin, leader of Al-Harakatul Islamiyyah under the auspices of the Muslim Ummah in the South West, has called on “all upholders of truth” to boycott goods and services directly or indirectly connected to Israel.

On Friday, shortly after a procession to condemn the killings in Ilorin, Kwara State’s capital, the cleric told journalists that the war is not about religion but about humanity.

He also stated that Nigeria’s stance in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine “does not reflect the sensitivity and expectations the issue deserves.”

“Nigeria and other truth-loving nations, including Saudi Arabia,” he says, “should sever diplomatic ties with Israel.” Middle Eastern countries should work to end the war under the banner of Islam, not Arabism.”

According to Mallam Abdulwahab-Al-Amin, the international community should hold Israel accountable for war crimes committed against Palestinians.

While urging Muslims to pray for an end to the conflict, the South West Muslim leader expressed his displeasure with negative comments made by a Christian leader about Israeli attacks on Palestinians.

Mallam Muhammed Raji, a member of the Islamic Movement, expressed sadness in his remarks about the continued abuse of Palestinians.

He stated that the international community must act quickly to put an end to the genocide occurring in Palestinian territory.

Furthermore, Abdulfatah Isa Abu-Hannifa stated that the killings of Christians and Muslims in Palestine should be condemned.

He stated that people should not be killed because of their skin colour or religious beliefs.

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