Cleric Advises Muslims to Temporarily Deactivate Social Media Accounts for Ramadan

Muslims nationwide have received counsel to deactivate their Facebook and other social media accounts during the upcoming Ramadan period. This measure aims to foster focus and discipline, reducing distractions throughout the month-long fast.

Dr. Nafiu Ahmed Arikewuyo Al-Jawharih issued this advice during a Ramadan seminar organized by the Muslim Congress (TMC), Kwara State, in collaboration with other Islamic organizations.

Highlighting the rationale behind the recommendation, Dr. Al-Jawharih emphasized the proliferation of unsolicited immoral content on social media platforms. He warned of the detrimental impact of such content on the fasting period, labelling it damaging and deceptive.

Dr Al-Jawharih stressed the importance of a genuine connection with Allah during Ramadan, noting that even a single Ramadan observed with sincerity could yield significant spiritual benefits.

He underscored Islam’s holistic approach to fasting, asserting that abstaining from food and drink is insufficient; rather, fasting should involve the entirety of one’s being, including the senses and actions.

Furthermore, Dr Al-Jawharih cautioned against deceptive practices, such as engaging in sinful behaviour to repent shortly before Ramadan begins. He warned that such actions could hinder the individual’s ability to perform good deeds during the sacred month.

In preparation for Ramadan, the senior lecturer at Al-Hikmah University, Kwara, outlined essential steps, including repentance, guarding one’s gaze, studying the Qur’an with understanding, and strengthening one’s faith.

Addressing the audience, Engr. Bashir Olalekan Ariyo, Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee, emphasized the significance of consciously preparing for Ramadan. He highlighted the program’s objective of equipping Muslims with the right mindset and strategies to derive maximum benefit from the fast, emphasizing that neglecting the opportunities presented by Ramadan is regrettable.

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