Angry Lady destroys her boyfriend’s foodstuff after he dumped her (Video)

Drama unfolded in the home of a man after he informed his girlfriend of the decision to end their relationship with immediate effect.

Unfortunately for him, the girlfriend turned his house upside down and destroyed the bags of foodstuff which he has stacked in the apartment.

A video making the rounds on social media shows her emptying his bag of rice, milk, chocolate, detergent and other foodstuff on her boyfriend’s bed.

The jilted lover was being assisted by another woman believed to be her friend that accompanied her to the guy’s place.

Her actions elicited mixed reactions as some social media users opined that her anger and irrational way of doing things is probably why her decided to breakup.

Watch the video:

djsjsofficial; First date question: Babe You don mad before!?? 😂

jukayperfumeoils; Be like she gave alot 😢.. emotionally financially an d physical.. cause I see no reason for this.

sandela740; All I see is a lady giving him more reasons to thank himself for breaking up with her

kitanb commented; Shebi if they give her little slap now you people will be shouting domestic violence, is this one now a wild animal?

chidubem_darlington042; We don see reason he broke up with her.. This guy escaped bullet.. CONGRATULATIONS to him🙌

msquaredizz_; Omo! Y’all are really out here dating just anybody. Anyway, congratulations to him on his liberation.

empress_jovita; Toor, at least it’s not all lovey dovey everyday for this internet… The singles won dis time😂

flawlessbylahmia_abuja; And other guys should take note of this and avoid her ASAP..

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