Anambra bans advertisement of ‘agbo’, other herbal medicine

The Anambra State Government has taken a decisive step by instituting a ban on all forms of open advertising for herbal medicines across the state.

The decision was officially communicated through a press release by Sir Paul Nwosu, the Commissioner for Information of Anambra State, on a Saturday.

In addition to this, the state government has issued a directive mandating that any promotional content related to herbal drugs must receive explicit approval from the office of the Special Adviser to the Governor on Herbal Medicine and Pharmaceuticals. Only upon obtaining this approval will such advertisements be permitted for display in public spaces or through media platforms.

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The categories of herbal medicines encompass various products derived from botanical sources or plants, which are utilized for the treatment of diseases or the maintenance of good health.

This classification includes medicinal products, as well as herbal supplements manufactured from plants and intended for either curative or preventive applications.

Sir Paul Nwosu clarified that this regulatory measure has been introduced to manage and oversee the utilization of herbal substances, which has witnessed a notable surge in popularity amongst the state’s residents.

Prior to this directive, Anambra State had gained recognition for its prevalence of open advertisements promoting herbal medicines in locations such as motor parks and other strategic areas. Many residents had come to heavily rely on these herbal remedies, commonly referred to as “Agbo”, as an alternative solution for a diverse range of ailments and medical conditions.

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