60 Reps Propose Bills To Return Nigeria To Parliamentary System

A significant move is underway in Nigeria’s political landscape as sixty members of the House of Representatives have jointly sponsored bills aimed at amending the 1999 Constitution to transition from the current presidential system to a parliamentary one by 2031.

During Wednesday’s plenary session, the Clerk of the House introduced three proposed bills: the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (Alteration) Bill, 2024 (HB.1115); Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (Alteration) Bill, 2024 (HB.1116); and Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (Alteration) Bill, 2024 (HB.1117).

Speaking to reporters after the session, spokesperson Abdussamad Dasuki highlighted the bipartisan and cross-regional collaboration behind the bills. Dasuki emphasized that these proposed alterations hold the potential to significantly reshape Nigeria’s political framework.

He pointed out that the current presidential system, initially modeled after the United States’ system, has exhibited characteristics akin to military rule in practice. This, he argued, has led to an imbalance of power, hindering the nation’s development and accountability.

Dasuki elaborated on the advantages of returning to the parliamentary system, which characterized Nigeria’s First Republic. During this period, legislative and executive powers were wielded by elected representatives, fostering accountability and responsiveness to the populace.

The proposed bills aim to reinstate this system, promoting a more accountable, responsible, and cost-effective form of governance. While acknowledging that the transition may not be immediate, lawmakers are hopeful that by 2031, Nigeria will successfully transition to a parliamentary system.

This move is seen as a step towards addressing governance challenges, reducing the cost of administration, and fostering unity in diversity among Nigerians.

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