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38-year-old Man returns to primary school after wife left him because he’s not educated

A 38-year-old man has amazed many with his decision to return to school at his age after being motivated by a devastating experience.

The man simply known has John, was happily married until his wife decided to dump him over his lack of an education.

According to reports, the couple welcomed two children, but that did not stop his wife from leaving him for another man.

She said that her reason for doing so was as a result of him not being educated, and she referred to him as a loser.

Angered and motivated by the hurtful words and turn of events, John made a bold move and enrolled into primary school.

He stated that he wants to pursue his goal of becoming a great man, adding that the main reason he could not continue school as a child was because his parents could not afford to pay his tuition.

This meant that John had to forgo his studies and opt to focus on hustling so he could make some money for the family.

It was gathered that after he returned to school, pupils thought he was a teacher when he showed up during resumption, the only difference is that he was also in school uniform.

Despite being mocked over his decision to return to school, John is optimistic that he would finish schooling at 50 and become very great.

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