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Organisers begin training athletes, officials for Slap Fight Nigeria

Organisers of combat sport, Slap Fight Nigeria, have commenced training for athletes and officials who will participate in the inaugural edition.

Chief Executive Officer, Slap Fight Nigeria, Abdulrahman Orosanya, who made this known in a statement on Saturday, said the maiden edition is tagged ‘Slapmania 1.0’.

According to him, the athletes have to be trained because there are strict rules they must follow for them to be eligible to compete.

He said; “There are nutrition, dieting and training regimes that athletes must practice to remain competitive and healthy. The athletes must avoid issues of taking unapproved or contraband substances and drugs in order to have a clean championship.”

He stated that the athletes will compete at the championship in Lagos in October 2021, after their training.

Orosanya added that the CEO, U.S. Slap Fight championship, T Tilley, expressed his appreciation to the athletes and officials who are participating in training after putting them through the nitty-gritty of the sport.

“During his presentation, he took the participants through the strategies, techniques, rules and regulations of slapfighting with the aid of a demonstration video. He also presented a step by step procedure for participating in Slap Fight,” he said.




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