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2Baba’s Manager Blasts Brymo Over ‘False Statements’

It appears we’ve not heard the end of the public spat between iconic Nigerian artistes Innocent Idibia, better known as 2Baba and Ọlawale Ọlọfọrọ, also known as Brymo.

Brymo, in a long Twitter thread recently had alleged that 2Baba accused him of sleeping with his wife and then sent thugs to beat him up.

2Baba’s lawyers then sent a letter to Brymo asking for a public apology over the “baseless and false accusation”.

The lawyers also threatened to sue Brymo for N1 billion if the apology is not delivered within 48 hours.

But Brymo has insisted his account is accurate and dared 2Baba to head for the courts.

In a statement released on Saturday by 2Baba’s manager, Efe Omorogbe, Brymo was again taken to task for “making false and defamatory statements.”

“Brymo’s statement about ending 2Baba’s reign is an opinion, maybe a wish. That’s not something for us to bother about,” the statement said.

“If indeed a reign will end, it would be up to 2Baba and the fans. If it’s Brymo that will ascend the throne, that would also be up to the fans and of course, at least a dozen other incredibly talented and eminently qualified artistes most of whom clearly tick more of the relevant boxes than Brymo but then again, it’s every man’s right to dream and aspire.

“What is unacceptable is making false and defamatory statements. Nothing can be farther from the truth than Brymo’s statements. Those who know Innocent Idibia will struggle to situate him in the spurious scenarios in the incredulous narrative Brymo has contrived.

“Brymo will have an opportunity to substantiate his claims with proof in court. If he fails to do that, the law will take its course, fully. 2Baba will not dissipate energy engaging Brymo in media exchanges. Only a court of competent jurisdiction can serve justice to the innocent and enforce punitive actions against the guilty. Anything else is a circus and we are no clowns.”



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